Hakko 936

May 2024

These are the schematic, diagrams and parts lists that I use to build my Original Hakko 936 Soldering Station Printed Circuit Boards. Though information about the Hakko 936 can be found quite easily on the web, it is plagued with errors. I've taken the time to correct those error for my builds, and I'm posting this information as a way to help people build this discontinued board with confidence.

The source material for much of this work is from the rendering work of Tom Hammond - N0SS 26Mar2011 v1.7 that is available elsewhere on the web.

Ebay Aftermarket Board Corrected Back Ebay Aftermarket Board Corrected Front New Board Old Board Hakko 907 Soldering Iron Hakko 907 Terminal Board Wiring
Hakko 936 Schematic Corrected Hakko 936 Component Layout 1a Hakko 936 Component Values 1a Hakko 936 Parts List Hakko 936 Parts List by Component Value
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